Good Afternoon Meagan, I hope this email finds you doing well. Just a quick note to let you know how grateful we are to you for making sure Annie and Jay's wedding weekend was such a magical event. Your hard work, attention to detail, kind nature, calmness and genuine care and patience did not go unnoticed. You are such an amazing person and we know we could not have done it without you. Thank you from our very full hearts!
–All our best, Cindy and Gregg Konduros


Hey Meagan!!! I don't even think I can put into words how so very thankful I am for you & everything you did to make June 3rd absolutely PERFECT! I seriously could not have dreamed it to be any more beautiful. Everything single thing was truly stunning and Nick & I were just so amazed at each detail. You are the very, very best!!! We loved working with you for the past year & a half, and I wish we could go back and do it all over again. Every person I talked to at the wedding and after said it was the most stunning they had ever seen - and we are so grateful for you and making the vision come to life!!! I truly cannot express how happy we were with everything and how thankful we are for you - it was a joy to work with you from day one!! I will definitely keep in touch! ❤ ❤ ❤
–Xoxo, Cate


Dear Meagan, I can’t believe all of our time planning together has come and gone! It sure did all pay off – everything came together even more beautifully than I imagined, and I am so gratefuly to you for that. Working with you was the best decision we made, and we could never thank you enough for all that you did to make our wedding day so gorgeous, special, fun, and personal to us. On top of that, you made even the worst parts of planning so much better for me! Thank you for being not only a wonderful planner, but also just a great person to be around and know. Good luck with all of your future weddings and your business, and please keep in touch!
–Love, Erica Deahl Mayshar


Thanks so much for making Cate's dream wedding day. Everything was flawless and I can only imagine the experience, skill and effort required to accomplish. Thanks again.
–Best, John Simmons, Simmons Law Firm


Dear Meagan – An email doesn’t see sufficient to convey how incredibly thankful I am for all your hard work (& ‘free therapy’!) as we plan our dream wedding in Charleston. You are a true professional, and your comforting sweetheart of a personality is just icing on the cake!! Looking forward to the next 10 months & to meeting you in person in November. 
–Xx, Abby


Dear Meagan, Thank you so much for everything you did to make our beautiful wedding so perfect. From the transformation of the ceremony space to the super sexy (Kim & Kayne!) vibe of our reception, every single detail was on point. You have a real gift and your organization, attention to detail, conscientiousness, taste level, and vision made our best night ever happen. All of our friends and family are still talking about how perfect everything was, for which we can take very little credit – you killed it. Thank you for creating the dopest ‘Merejandro’ party we could ever wanted. You rock. For real. Thank you!!!!
–Love, Meredith & Alejandro


Dear Meagan, Matt and I and our families cannot express the thanks and gratitude we have to you! You have been more than amazing. Thank you for sharing your talents and graciousness with us and patience. You were the ‘key’ to our wedding dreams, and I hope that you enjoy this token of love.
–Xo, The New Mrs. O’Hara


Dear Meagan, I don’t remember if I hugged you that night after Miriam and Quincy’s wedding! Anyway, please consider yourself hugged! Thank you so much, Meagan, for everything you did to make their wedding perfect. Miriam said to me, “Mom, my wedding was perfect!” Yes, and Sarah and David’s wedding was perfect, too! Both weddings – absolutely beautiful and enjoyable because of your creativity, your planning, your untiring effort, your own inner composure and confidence and joy! The vendors with whom you work, too, are so committed to what they do, and, I feel, are truly focused on what it takes to make weddings, especially, such joyous, memorable occasions. I thank God that, when we got in touch with you back in December, you had May 21st open. I knew then that our sailing the sea of wedding planning would, most definitely, be smooth. Miriam and I certainly enjoyed the journey with you, Meagan.

It was a pleasure to get to know you during these months. When Sarah got married, the Mauldins were helping out , too, and the fact that she was in Columbia… I felt I didn’t spend time with you or any of the vendors (except for one meeting with Jesse Bullard who I really liked for his professionalism and his food.) But for Miriam’s wedding, being closeby, and since Dan and I were funding this one by ourselves, naturally we were more involved, and it was a privilege and a pleasure to work with you.

Meagan, please tell Sydney and Charlotte that it was my pleasure to meet them, and that I appreciate all they did, too. I’m sure they know they’re learning from the best! Again, thank you for everything, and I hope you have a lovely summer!
–Love, Anne Hahn


Dear Meagan, We had to write and give you all our congratulations on being named best wedding planner again this year! You are – from our brief time with you – completely deserving of such an honor. You are kind, considerate, and a constant encouragement to both of us. I don’t think we could thank you enough for the emails, the meetings, the words of wisdom, and the true heart you pour into our special day.
–All our love, congratulations, and best wishes! Catherine & Jake (future Flowers)


Dear Meagan, Thank you so much for such a beautiful wedding! The entire day was as amazing as Kristin had dreamed, and the peace of mind and joy we felt were immeasurable. To say thank you is not enough to express our gratitude for your professionalism and composure on a day that meant so much to our family. You have a true gift and we are blessed to have worked with you.
–With our deepest appreciation, Scot & Anna Dilts


Meagan: Wow! I can’t believe the wedding has come and gone already but it was absolutely everything I have ever dreamed of! You are truly talented in what you do and my wedding wouldn’t have been half of what it was if it wasn’t for you. Thank you so much for being there for me and also being such a sweet friend to me over these past ten months. Thank you for the sweet gift you brought me the week of the wedding, I loved opening it. I’m going to miss calling/texting you randomly when a new wedding thought popped in my head and our monthly meetings and planning. Thanks again for all of your time, effort and talent towards making our day 100% what we wanted. Mom has said about four times since the wedding, ‘Meagan was the best money we spent during the planning process” and I totally agree! I hope to still see you soon and look forward to seeing other girls’ weddings with your amazing work!
–Love, Hayden Riley Ellison


Dear Meagan, Words could never tell you how much we appreciate your giving our children the most perfect wedding of their dreams! Your hard work and fun was recognized by all. It was the talk of Sumter! My little bit of time with you was so fun seeing your wheels turning and then the end result. It was absolutely spectacular from start to end!! Thank you so much for your patience, sweet smile and friendship! Many blessings, from the Bell Family.
–With love, Connie


Dear Meagan, Thank you for all the hard work, help, and dedication as we’ve planned my wedding. I knew the process would require great effort and create great stress, but you have made life much easier than I ever could’ve imagined. My students are eternally greatful to you as well! My wedding has been a dream come true, and you made it possible. Thank you!
–Sarah Zion Nasui


Meagan, There’s no where near enough space on this card for me to express my gratitude for everything you did to make my wedding dreams come true! You made the planning process so easy and every challenge we threw at you, you amazed us with how you simplified it all! Choosing Meagan Warren Weddings was the best decision we made and I will continue singing your praises to anyone looking for perfection! Thank you for everything and we wish you a blessed holiday season and all the best in 2015!
–With much love, Sherrie Shealy Jumper


Meagan, You’ve been so amazing throughout this entire process, my saving grace and my sanity. Thank you for always being so helpful, for listening to us, and making our dream a reality for this very special day in our lives. I will tell every engaged friend I have about you. I truly couldn’t imagine working with anymore more wonderful.
–Love, Mallory & Eric McCoy


Each time I've e-mailed you or talked to you or met with you, you've made me feel like the only bride you're working with. Not only that, you make me feel like my wedding is unique and special and important and will be the best day ever, and for me and Pan, it will be. I can only imagine the energy it takes to make each of your clients feel that way. You’re working with a different couple for almost every weekend of the year, juggling logistics, helping them think through things, recommending different vendors, looks and styles. Thank you for all your hard work. When people ask me how our planning is going I tell them I have an awesome planner that's keeping us on track and taking care of most of the work. I can't imagine what shape we'd be in without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
–Sarah Abdelnour


Meagan, Just now beginning to breathe after the wedding. Don't know where to begin, but the Burns are glowing after the AMAZING wedding! Every place I go I'm running into folks who were either at the wedding or heard about the wedding. Apparently the word of the "best tent EVER" has gotten out! And “the Burns have set new standards for parties". Thank you thank you thank you! Everything was timely, and paced. Now I know what Bill Parkes meant by saying we didn’t have a thing to worry about. You had everything under control. RAVES FROM ALL!
–The Burns Family


What a pleasure to work with you!!! I love working with planners that see the entire picture and who are not territorial in their job and have a willingness for everyone to work together. I hope to have many more opportunities to work with you and your team!!! 
–Matt Evans, Catering for All Occasions


I'm excited for Meagan Warren Weddings and for your success this year! You are creating spectacular events and we are proud to be a part of what you do! Keep up the great work! We're here to help however we can. Thanks Meagan!
–Ambient Media of Columbia, SC


Meagan, you, as usual, were just spectacular. Your couples ADORE you!
–Dave Gilbert, Dave Gilbert Photography | Partytime DJs


I really think you are unique to Columbia. You have Charleston taste...and that's hard to find. You are loved by so many! 
–Alicia Barnes, ABC Columbia News


I do not know how you do it Meagan…super organized yet flexible, firm but patient…YOU made last week possible. It was way beyond our wildest expectations! STILL can’t stop smiling. Thank you so much!!!! 
–Kezziah & Aryan Dale


Meagan…Thanks for all you do for us. We enjoy working with you! You are a great client and friend.
–Thanks, Adam Ruffin, Owner, Palmetto Party Rental


Dear Meagan & Lori Anna, I can’t begin to express how much I appreciate you both. Brad and Kristin’s wedding went off without a hitch and that was because of you. All aspects of their special day were beautiful and one we will fondly remember forever. God has truly gifted you both with special talents in decorating, organizing, planning and especially your lovely personalities. When Melissa gets married, you both better be available, because I’ll be calling. Please know that if I can ever do anything for you, I would be honored if you would just ask.  Life is all about relationships, and I’m so fortunate and thankful to have worked with you and can call you my friend. Thanks a million!
–Susan D. Hanna, CPA, University Treasurer & Associate Secretary


I want to thank you again for the wonderful job you did and to say we could not have pulled it off without your planning and follow through. It is hard to believe it is all over. Everything turned out so well, Sarah and Rob were so happy and the weather could not have been any better. Please, give my number to anyone who wants to ask me anything about hiring you and I will sing your praises.
–Take care, Suzanne Taylor


The gala will be gorgeous!  Thanks so much for all your excellent work in managing the many important aspects of this event.  It will be much fun.
–Karen Brosius, Executive Director at the Columbia Museum of Art


Thank you so much for all your help, hard work and dedication with our wedding! Everything was perfect and went beautifully and I know it was because of you! You truly did an amazing job, and I can’t thank you enough. You certainly were born to do this, and I wish you all the best in your success! Thank you for the wedding of my dreams! I will highly recommend you to all my friends! Thanks again for everything!
–Much love, Jessica & Tyler Garrett


I hope you realize you are like the coolest wedding planner out there. Your schedule/info sheet is like 100 times better than anyone else’s (don’t tell them I said that lol). You really give me all the information I actually need, in an easy to read format! Keep up the awesome work!
–Anonymous Columbia, SC Photographer


You are the best wedding planner in the world! You are going to have a very successful future doing this. Thank you for all you did on our special day. You put endless hours in to make everything perfect.
–Jeremy & Erica Priddy


Meagan, I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did for us! The wedding was absolutely perfect! You were awesome to work with & I feel like I gained a wonderful friend. I wish you all the best with your business & will definitely refer you to ALL that in need of wedding planning! Love you girl!
–Kim Vigil


It was a pleasure working with you through the planning of our wedding. I could not be happier that we hired you as our wedding coordinator. You did a fabulous job! Between organizing vendors, bringing together all the reception details, directing the ceremony & keeping me calm & happy (you had your hands full!) but everything was perfect! I could not have dreamed of a better wedding day. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness & help in making our wedding dreams come true.
–Sincerely, Meigs McNair Porter


Words cannot express how grateful we are for all that you’ve done for us & our big day! You stepped in & helped out & have truly been a blessing to me to keep me sane & help me get everything organized! We wanted to give you this gift as a small token of our appreciation, though it’s not enough to show you how thankful we are for all you’ve done for us! Thank you so much for making our dreams for our wedding day a reality!
–Catherine & Alex Walton


Thank you so much for all your help before and during our wedding weekend. You did a phenomenal job! Everything went so smoothly. You can use us as a reference anytime!
–With much appreciation, Caroline & David Stuck


Meagan, you’re the best and who I see the most on the property!
–Michelle Percival, DuPre Catering & Events, The Hall at Senate’s End


I love how you take such good care of your clients!
–Patty Hallman, Hallman Photography


Meagan, You and Judy did an EXCELLENT job, the GALA was wonderful and everything was beautiful. Congrats to all, on a job well done!!
–Libby Gober, City of Columbia Ombudsman


Everything about the wedding was perfect! It was so nice to see everything come together and I couldn’t have done it without you! People have been telling us that it was the best wedding that they’ve ever been to! I’m happy to give a review for you! It was such a pleasure working with you and I’ll be sure to recommend you to all of my friends and future brides!
–Thanks, Virginia Walker Shropshire


Thank you so much for all the things you did to make Virginia and Colin’s wedding weekend so fantastic!  You did a great job and I will, and have, recommended you to others getting married. It was so good and worth having you there. Good luck in the future! When Susan (in the future) decides to get married, I’ll be calling you!
–Thanks again, Mary Hughes Walker


I’m pretty sure I love you! Thank you Meagan!
–Abby Funderburk Williams, Abby Funderburk Photography


Dear Meagan, Randy and I just wanted to thank you so much for making our wedding so special! Ya’ll did such a great job of making sure the rain didn’t ruin anything! We hardly noticed it! ALL the decor looked amazing and it was exactly what I envisioned in my head! Thank you again for everything and we hope to see you soon!
–Love, Timmi & Randy Johnson


Meagan, It was a phenomenal wedding and reception. Having you supervising and keeping all of us set really helped make it so.
–Thank you again, Katherine W. Williams, RN, DrPH


Thank you for being you. You’re the best! Your really good at what you do! “Thank You” 
–Ryan Lang, Big Party Djs


Meagan: Well, I have been thinking a lot on how to express my thanks for everything. You exceeded my every expectation by so much.
–R. Emery Clark, Assistant United States Attorney


Thank you so much for all of your help! I can’t imagine it would have turned out nearly as beautiful without the help of you and your ladies! You guys are AMAZING.
–Rebecca Rinehart Wessinger

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